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computer iconJanuary 2007 Tidbits

Firefox extensions

If you use Firefox for your web browser, congratulations! You're using one of the most customizable applications out there. Firefox has tons of great extensions that you can download and install. Extensions are small add-ons that add features to Firefox, like tools for webmeisters, bookmark synchronizers, search tools, and more. Here's a short list of my favorites:

Most of the above extensions are web design related. If that's not your cup of tea, explore the many other add-ons available for Firefox and see what might be cool for you.

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Keyboard shortcuts in Thunderbird

If you're a regular reader of Tidbits, you may already know that I am a fan of keyboard shortcuts. Today I ran across some great ones for Thunderbird, the default email application for most OWLS member libraries. Some are universal Windows shortcuts, but some are Thunderbird specific. Give the following a try if you're a shortcut fan, too.

new message CONTROL + M
open message in a new window CONTROL + O
edit as new CONTROL + E
find text in this message CONTROL + F
forward message CONTROL + L
get new messages CONTROL + T
go to next message F
to to next unread message N
go to previous message B
move to search bar CONTROL + K
mark as junk J
mark as not junk SHIFT + J
reply to message (sender only) CONTROL + R
reply to message (all recipients) CONTROL + SHIFT + R

There are loads more keyboard shortcuts at Thunderbird Help: Keyboard Shortcuts. Check out the Mouse Shortcuts while you're there, and hey, why not take a look at more keyboard shortcuts... go to Firefox Help for browser tips. Enjoy and geek out!

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White space in MS Word

I'm a big fan of white space. Maybe it's because my first library job was in Nebraska, and I secretly yearn for the wide open spaces of the plains... Whatever the reason, I'm finding myself longing for white space not only on the web pages I design, but on the documents I produce in Word. You've probably used line spacing before, so let this just serve as a reminder to use it once in a while.

To edit line spacing in your documents, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text you want to apply new line spacing to.
  2. Click on FORMAT on the Menu Bar.
  3. Select PARAGRAPH.
  4. Under SPACING you will see LINE SPACING. Select the option in the drop down box that you would like to use.
  5. You can further tweak the spacing by selecting a number in the AT drop down.

That's it! White space between lines can make documents easier to read and more attractive to present. Consider playing around with your line spacing and see what you come up with as your own personal preference. Mine is 1.5 lines.

If you always prefer to use a line spacing different from the default Word setting, you can customize what is used. But I'll save that for another time to keep you coming back for more...


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Farewell until next time from the library system where all the computers are fast, all the books are worth reading, and all the librarians are above average!

This issue of Tidbits was written by Beth Carpenter, Library Services Manager for the Outagamie Waupaca Library System. Please send any comments or questions about this issue to Beth.

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