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getsmart.gifWe've been adding online and computer lab classes and other workshop updates to the CE pages on OWLSweb, so be sure to take a look and see what's coming up!

Evan is going to be offering database training on a bi-monthly basis throughout 2009. His first few classes will cover EBSCO & ProQuest, Learn a Test, and TellMeMore. The classes will be offered online via GoToWebinar with a computer lab version offered a couple of weeks later for those of you who prefer hands-on learning. Choose whichever method works best for you!

And be sure to join us on February 12th for two workshops being presented by Debra Wilcox Johnson. "Getting Things Done" will be our AM session with "Personnel Management" coming in the afternoon. Both workshops will be held at the James J. Siebers Memorial Library in Kimberly.

Register for classes and workshops on the CE pages on OWLSweb, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions about any of the scheduled sesssions.

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Fox Cities Reads

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Congratulations to everyone involved in launching Fox Cities Reads! It looks like there's fun ahead as readers have their pick of 3 of Michael Perry's recent books. Take a look at Perry's video launch of the program:

Fox Cities Reads ends during the second annual Fox Cities Book Festival, which will have loads of exciting events for book lovers like us. Be sure not to miss Michael Perry and The Long Beds - a free performance by Perry and his band at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center!

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Tomorrow (January 27) is the last day to sign up online for Library Legislative Day which will be held Tuesday, February 3, 2009. If you'd still like to sign up to go, use WLA's online registration form.

If you can't make it to Madison on the 3rd, take a little time to explore the Special Tough Economy Issue of American Libraries Direct. This special issue includes links to toolkits, local library examples, libraries in the news, and other tips and stories you can use to help promote your library and its value to your community.

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New InfoSoup screencast

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We have added a new help video (a.k.a. screencast) to show you how to use the Saved Searches feature of InfoSoup. This feature allows you to save your favorite searches in your InfoSoup account, where you can then redo a search with the click of a link or tell InfoSoup you would like to receive an email when materials are added to the collection that match your search criteria.

Have a favorite author? Save an author search, mark your search for email, and you'll receive an email when items are added to InfoSoup written by that author. The email includes a link to InfoSoup, so you can check for availability and place a hold. It's a great way to sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you!

Here's the video if you'd like to take a look:

Please share the screencast with your patrons and feel free to embed it on your library web site.

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The Buzzwords of 2008

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nukethefridge.jpg(Okay, okay, this is my last list reviewing 2008, I promise!) Check out The Buzzwords of 2008 from The New York Times. Ever heard of a "frugalista" or "skadoosh?" How about "photobombing" or "DWT?"

Maybe the library world should create some of our own to go along with "Twi-hard" (a fan of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" book series about vampires). Submit your ideas in the comments!

> contributed by Beth

A new kind of librarian...

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[Note: I originally posted this on my personal blog, but couldn't resist adding it here, too, as I find Carol O'Connell's recent picture of a librarian so entertaining!]

Librarians are constantly dealing with the old stereotype of the tight-lipped, grey-hair-in-a-bun, practical shoes wearing, shhhh-ing mouse. Though there have been a few exceptions over the years, that is the one that prevails.


But today I came across a new kind of librarian while enjoying the latest book by one of my favorite mystery writers, Carol O’Connell. In Bone By Bone, no one ever uses the library, partly due to the stench emanating from the place and partly due to the librarian inside its doors (who evidently causes the stench). Here’s a taste of the picture:

“Mavis Hardy’s size was impressive, more muscle than fat, as evidenced by the barbells tightly gripped in her hands. There were other items of bodybuilding equipment on the floor behind her. This argued against the rumor that she was dying, and it gave credence to a theory, oft repeated by the locals, that she could not be killed except by supernatural means.” (p109)

And later…

“The librarian coughed up a mouthful of mucus and let it fly. So good was her aim that she hit one lens of Ferris’s spectacles on the first try. He rose from his chair and fled the library.” (pp116-117)

I think I like this picture better than the tightly bunned version we’re all used to.  I’m not sure why... Maybe just because it’s much more entertaining! It’s a great book - check it out sometime.

Have you run across any interesting portrayals of a librarian lately? What do you think the ideal librarian image should be? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Project Play wins a Webbie

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WebbiesAward2008.gifThe Media and Technology Section (MATS) of the Wisconsin Library Association recently announced the winners of the 2008 Webbies Awards for excellence in Wisconsin web site design, and I'm happy to say that our very own Project Play has won for Best Reference Site! This is particularly exciting, since InfoSoup won last year's Webbie in the same category. Other winners include:
Thanks to everyone who has played along with Project Play and made it a wonderful experience for all of the Project Play Team!

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While the next person we help with a job search may not go on to become president of the United States, we do know that libraries can be an invaluable resources for the job seeker. As posted on the InfoSoup Development Blog,  we have updated and posted to InfoSoup a Job & Career Resources page.  A link is available on the Research Tools page (under Language, Test, Study Skills, & Jobs). Libraries can also link directly to the page from their home page. We would like to keep the page fairly basic and easy to maintain, but suggestions for additional resources are always welcome.

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Upcoming CE workshops

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getsmart.gifSave the following dates and join us for some great continuing education opportunities! Details for some of the workshops are still forthcoming, so stay tuned to the CE page for more info.
  • Wednesday, January 21, 9:15 - 11:15 AM
    Google Reader Basics
  • Friday, January 23, 10 - 11 AM
    Project Play Date: More With Flickr
  • Thursday, February 12, 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    A day with Deb Wilcox Johnson - morning session on "getting things done/time management" and an afternoon session on personnel management
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The latest Gale Sizzle newsletter has a post on on a November 9th 2008 article in the NY Daily News where Barack Obama describes how a librarian helped him get his community organizing job in Chicago:

The Mid-Manhattan Library had these books of lists of organizations, and the librarian helped me find these lists of organizations, and I wrote to every organization. One of them wound up being an organization in Chicago that I got a job with.
Gale speculates that the reference book referred to could be none other than their very own Encyclopedia of Associations. Which reminds me to remind you that we have an online subscription to Gale's Associations Unlimited which can be found on the Research Tools @ InfoSoup page. 

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Stories Without Words is a new booklist on the Family Page on InfoSoup. This list highlights some of the very creative artists/illustrators that tell wonderful stories though wordless or almost wordless picture books. I took the liberty of adding two of our family favorites, Lights Out and Hogwash by the ever inventive Arthur Geisert. Thanks to Sue Abrahamson in Waupaca for sharing this list! If you have a list you would like to share please contact me.

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Libraries in the news

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Libraries sure have been in the news a lot lately! Here's a collection of recent reports and tidbits:

And here's a video from CBS News' Katie Couric, "Library is hot, believe it or not!" (also found via the New Cybrary)

Watch CBS Videos Online

> contributed by Beth
Unfortunately, there's a long unnecessary introduction, but this is very funny!

> contributed by Gerri

Worlds connect @ your library

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National Library Week is coming up April 12th to the 18th! The American Library Association's (ALA) theme this year is Worlds Connect @ Your Library. ALA has sample promotional materials available on their web site, including a letter-to-the-editor, press release, proclamation, and radio public service announcement scripts, and, as always, you can order additional promotional materials at the ALA Store.

OWLS will be co-hosting a workshop with Caldecott award winning illustrator Gerald McDermott and the Children's Cooperative Book Center on Friday, April 17th to celebrate the end of National Library Week. (More details to be posted on OWLSweb soon.) What does your library have in the works?

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2008 Top 100 lists

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Top 10 lists abound on the web for a wide variety of topics on everything from keyboard shortcuts to baby names to vacation destinations. The New Year adds Top 100 lists to the mix, as people reflect on the year gone by and predict the future of the year to come. Check out a couple of my favorite lists in the ReadWriteWeb's Top 100 Products of 2008 and The Guardian's 100 Top Sites for the Year Ahead. Some great tools are included, broken down into easily scan-able categories. YMMV!

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